Dripping Platinum (Chrome Vinyl Overlay) Wrap Magic Band Skin Vinyl Decal Wrap Compatible with MagicBand 2

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    Super stoked to introduce these creative skins to add a little magic to any trip!! Fits MagicBand 2 ONLY (currently being used in parks)

    **Dripping Platinum (Chrome Vinyl Overlay)


    vinyl wrap**

    Waterproof when applied to a dry clean band! All bands are the same size... since our decals only cover the colored part of the bands they will fit both adult kids bands perfectly

    **READY TO SHIP DAILY** {99.8% of the time, I will gladly contact you if it is not in stock}

    Each skin is created carefully using 3M vinyls; highest quality on the market. Vinyl has patented Air-Release Adhesive backing that prevents air-bubbles during the installation process. Then design is printed and finally finished off with a crystal-clear matte (or occasionally a gloss) lamination that protects your skin from daily abrasion & abuse.


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