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The more you get to know people these days the more you love your dog - Is that not a true statement or what!! so how freaking cute are these.....


**decal size is 3.5" tall x 3.5" wide / waterproof / Interior or Exterior Use**

• We print & cut our own decals - Excellent quality and fast service

• Designed with 7 year outdoor grade vinyl, topped with clear laminate to protect the design, designed to withstand the elements

• Designed to apply to Walls, Windows, Glass, Cups, Mugs, Books, Binders, Notebook, Laptop, Walls & Vehicles or any other surface you want! Perfect for ANYTHING THAT IS A CLEAN, SMOOTH, FLAT SURFACE!!!!

Feel FREE to ask any questions, as we do this full-time at our shop. Easy-to-apply vinyl decal that adds a unique touch. Made from thin 5 year vinyl, that stays on firmly but is easily removed.